Claims Support

Claims Support

 While most project disputes are readily resolved via simple negotiations between parties, some require development into formal claims which require complex evaluation.

Our firm has developed claims and defended against claims emanating from:

  • Project delays and disruptions
  • Changed conditions
  • Changed work
  • Coordination issues
  • Plan and specification disputes
  • Utility conflicts
  • Acceleration
  • Sequence changes
  • Access issues

Our evaluations are comprehensive and reflect our strong working knowledge of construction means and methods, our ability to understand and apply applicable specifications and our understanding of the impact of changes to productivity. Among the use of other recognized methodologies to quantify loss of productivity, we have developed measured mile studies associated with:

  • Accelerated work
  • Concrete formwork
  • Mass earthwork
  • Winter conditions
  • Sewer construction

We have the experience and knowledge to analyze all disputed project costs including: under-utilized equipment, extended project overhead, price escalations, unabsorbed contributions and the value of extra work.