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Project Evaluations And Surety Consulting

Unfortunately, not all projects succeed. Problems and conflicts are normal in construction and occur on nearly all projects. Project failures are not typically the direct results of unanticipated problems but rather are the product of inadequate or untimely responses to otherwise solvable problems. Serious circumstances are frequently underestimated or not fully understood by the project personnel. Often an experienced and independent set of eyes can provide a more objective, realistic and concise evaluation of the project status.

We can provide short or long-term assistance in dealing with distressed projects. Following a visit to the troubled project, we can evaluate the problems associated with the project and provide practical solutions and recommendations.

For Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Implementation of short-term scheduling programs
  • Change order evaluations and pricing
  • Recovery schedules
  • Time extension requests
  • Operation improvement studies
  • Correction plans for defective work
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Project management
For Owners
  • Change order reviews
  • Claim evaluations
  • Owner representative services
  • Schedule reviews
  • Change order and claim negotiations
  • Coordination plans
  • Contractor performance evaluations
For Surety Companies
  • Determination of completion scope
  • Estimate cost to complete
  • Perfection of claims
  • Defense of claims
  • Recovery plans
  • Solicitation of bids
  • Change order pricing
  • Project management

Willoughby 2000 PLLC can assign a part-time or full-time project manager, superintendent or scheduler to your project.

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